Thought Crimes & Punishment

Board of Trustees:

Student organized walkout in support of my son at the school 4/26/19 at 3:00pm -Instagram – @therealcheshireacademy students told they will be punished for leaving class

Thank you very much for all of your comments and personal stories. Please feel free to contact the school as to all of your thoughts and frustrations over this situation: Head of School ––calendar/directory?deptId=12139





What Began With Elation

Back in July 2018 my son was recruited to attend and play football at Cheshire Academy (10 Main Street, Cheshire, CT). My son considered it an honor to be recruited for such a prestigious football program and was excited to reap the benefits of a private school education. As advertised, to be in a place “that puts the unique needs of every student first.”

To use my sons own words, “The most enticing attribute of this school is the promise of fairness and open mindedness of everyone’s beliefs and opinions. No longer would it be a constant battle versus censorship and persecution faced in public school. I will be in an environment of civility and respect. One where citizenship, playing by the rules and fairness to all is what matters regardless of political or social beliefs.”

During our initial interviews and tour at Cheshire Academy, review of their website, and reading through all of the material provided us by the academy we were led to believe that these were the values that guided this institution… values that it held dear.


First let’s start with my son’s Dean who is the lead in his discipline. This is a profile picture that was taken from the Facebook page of the Dean.

Profile picture from my son’s Dean’s Facebook page

How the disciplinary committee comes about…Please see profile picture above (Disciplinary Hearing)
During a class discussion/debate my son used the words “Dude” & “Chick”, which is not academic language but at Cheshire Academy it’s considered offensive & harassment (Disciplinary Hearing)

The First Offense

Setting: English class discussing the comedy Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Offense: During the class discussion the premise was that in talking about the character Viola, who cross dresses as a male (Cesario), and that Shakespeare was trying to portray transgenderism in a positive light. My son brought up the point that during the time the book was written (1601-1602) his society would never partake in that sociopathic act. He was then asked to elaborate by the teacher and said “One trait of a Sociopath is to try and normalize an abnormal behavior. For his example he used Ted Bundy and his normalization of his bloodlust. As was stated in his 1979 interview, “I am not a monster. I am not an animal. I am just a normal man.”

Ted Bundy attempted to normalize his lust for killing, just as members of society today are trying to normalize transgenderism. Using information from the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Maual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association) my son referenced gender identity disorder and how transgenderism is a fabricated condition used to legitamize an otherwise abnormal condition. The teacher continued on by stating that “some people legitimately identify as a man or women or non-binary”. Which my son replied “If a man thinks he is a woman or a woman a man, it shows legitimate hormonal or mental disorder. Although those that identify as things such as Demi-Queer Fox-Kin are just looking for attention.” With that statement two girls who sit in front of my son proceeded to yell in his face and verbally attacking him for HIS OPINION, screaming at him so loudly that he was unable to hear the teacher 10 feet away.

Referencing this debate in class, with my son having documented research backing him…it doesn’t matter the girls got offended and it was, of course, all his fault (Disciplinary Hearing)
Yes, the Disciplinary Committee blamed my son for the girls attacking him. Even though what the girls did is considered a direct Class 2 disciplinary violation. (Disciplinary Hearing)
My son being asked by a committee member how he will “adjust himself” SO OTHERS DO NOT FEEL THE NEED TO ATTACK HIM!!! (So how will my son adjust himself so others, who buy in 100% to the social justice mantra, do not feel the need to commit a class 2 infraction against him!!!) (Disciplinary Hearing)

This is supposed to be a fair and unbiased hearing yet it sounds as if some of the committee believe my son is in the wrong no matter what. Also you will hear where a White Privilege conversation was had in the dining hall and it is interesting that no one else was hauled before the committee for “Harassment” *Note – I did cut a bit at the beginning of the clip because it mentions a teacher’s name. The line was “Would you say if you put yourself in those girls’ position or ‘English Teachers’ name’ position” (Disciplinary Hearing)

After this class, my son walked with his teacher to the dining hall. As they were walking to the dining hall they had a PRIVATE CONVERSATION (This is the beginning of the conversation that led to Offense #2). My son asked why the girls were screaming at him and his teacher told him that the word queer is interpreted as offensive. My son asked how that could be since it was reclaimed in the early 90’s by the LGBT community with radical anti-assimilation groups such as Queer Nation and is literally part of the acronym (LGBTQ), which she replied that it still might be interpreted as offensive.

To this school it doesn’t matter what the intent of your comments are or your stance in a debate, it only matters how it is perceived…So watch what you say because if the PC police do not agree you will be punished. (Disciplinary Hearing)

Offense #2

Setting: A private conversation walking to the dining hall after class between my son and his English Teacher.

What was said: After the conversation above, my son and his teacher got on the topic of homosexual marriage also prompted by the book (Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare) being read in class. The teacher asked my son his OPINION on the topic and my son replied “Are you sure you want to know?” The teacher told my son yes, she did want to hear HIS THOUGHTS on the subject. So my son told her that he is fine with homosexuals being legally married but is opposed to any church or religious organization performing the ceremonies since it goes against their teachings or dogma. He also stated that whenever you seek to change the norms of a society you have to be very careful to guard against it becoming a “slippery slope”. For example, pedophiles now call themselves MAPS or minor attracted persons and they are using the same steps that gays used in the 70’s-90’s to become normalized. Another example… in Canada, their Supreme Court has already declared most forms of bestiality legal… “A Slippery Slope.”


Somehow a question about how my son gets verbally attacked in school is turned into his fault and they want to know how he will change. Also, please notice how my son truthfully states “that he has never nor would ever ‘attack’ anyone at the school” and no one on the committee disagrees with his statement, but yet that is one of the ‘infractions’ that he is being punished for. (Disciplinary Hearing)

Offense #3

Setting: Mandatory Saturday MLK “Critical Thinking” Workshop, where the teacher/instructor stated “anything said in this workshop will not leave the room. It is a safe space to express our ideas.”

This workshop was one of many mandatory workshops that students had to choose from for the day (I believe they had to attend 3-4 workshops). Some of the other mandatory choices on the day were WHITE PRIVILEGE, TOXIC MASCULINITY & SOCIAL JUSTICE AND SPOKEN WORD.

According to the school your Freedom of speech is lost once someone else is affected (Disciplinary Hearing)

What Was Said: During the “Critical Conversation” workshop the students were formed into a circle and introduced themselves. They were asked to state their names, where they are from, grade, something obvious and something not obvious about themselves. My son, who has been involved in athletics his entire life with hundreds of other kids from every race, creed and color; said “something obvious about me is that I am Black” which as expected got a bunch of laughs from the other students (both black & white). Even with this obvious attempt at humor the teacher running the seminar WHO CLAIMED THIS AS A “SAFE SPACE TO EXPRESS OUR IDEAS” told him he could not say that and reported him for harassment. To add insult to injury during this same critical thinking seminar he was required to fill out a Buzzfeed survey titled “How Privileged Are You?” (Link) He asked the teacher why this specific offensive criteria (I am White, I am Male, I am Heterosexual, etc.) was relevant and all she did was waive him off and told him to finish the quiz. Finally, towards the end of the mandatory workshop the students began to discuss diversity. My son stated that the same people preaching racial, ethnic and gender diversity are the same people who are against diversity of thought. Other students in attendance agreed with him. This stated opinion elicited another report from the teacher that he was angrily venting and was unruly. Please remember this whole conversation was going on while a MANDATORY WHITE PRIVILEGE WORKSHOP that was sponsored by the school, was also being conducted.

My son being told the bar to offend is set higher to offend him than it is for others when he asked why a WHITE PRIVILEGE seminar that offends him is ok for the school to sponsor but when he stated during a class discussion that the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders by the American Psychiatric Association) labels Transgenderism as an abnormal condition, it is considered harassment. (Disciplinary Hearing)

Committee member telling my son how Federalist papers 10 & 51 justify a higher bar to being offended applied to whites on campus. Refer to the following wiki pages & Please feel free to do your own research but I was unable to find anywhere in either document where the Founding Fathers referred to any individual’s race as a Majority or Minority. My point is that not all of the students enjoy the same rights, privileges and protections which is specifically stated as a big NO NO!!! in the Student Handbook. Also, you will hear towards the end where my son is told that any statement or opinion, or verified fact by the way, against the “protected classes in the handbook” will not be tolerated at this school. Please do not be swayed by the faculty member’s reference to slurs. He is referring to the open discussion/debate in English class where my son referenced the DSM-IV and other scientific & government publications. Now, notwithstanding how ironic I find it that an ‘ALL INCLUSIVE SCHOOL’ has protected status students but I have read the handbook numerous times and outside of the standard ‘We do not discriminate based on Race, Religion, etc.” there is no stated ‘Protected classes’ nor any references to such existing on campus.(Disciplinary Hearing)

Disciplinary Procedures & Trial

From the Cheshire Academy Handbook, “All disciplinary matters begin by filing out incident reports that not only initiate an investigation but also become part of a students disciplinary file.” Now an incident report filing would incur a notation in the infractions area of the conduct section on the students portal (Please see my sons conduct section of his portal below – 4/10/19)

Conduct status

Due to these aforementioned “Incidents” and irregardless of his clean infraction record, my son was referred for a “Citizenship Committee” hearing which is the Cheshire Academy version of a Disciplinary Committee.

During the Committee hearing my son was informed that he was facing two Category 2 infractions (a category 2 infraction may result in dismissal from the school). The two infractions being:

  • 5.1.2 – Harming any Individual
  • 5.3.1 – Harassment

During two meetings prior to the citizenship committee meeting and the Citizenship committee meeting itself my son was told the following things:

  • This is a Progressive School
  • Reality is, thoughts, whether accurate or not may be difficult to hear
  • He cannot talk about race, gender or sexuality
  • According to the value systems of the school his beliefs are considered an attack
  • When you speak, what is meant is irrelevant. It is how it is perceived that matters
  • Progressive values are ingrained in the psyche of the school. That’s who we are as a school
  • White Privilege and Toxic Masculinity conversations will only increase around school
  • When you speak your mind if anyone is offended it is considered harassment
  • As soon as what you say has an impact on someone else you have lost your Freedom of Speech
  • We have Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Thought but the minute you share that, if people are offended then you are on the hook for an attack
  • If you said something people took offense to and they attacked you for it, the burden is on you. You’re not being harassed there. (This was in response to my son asking about the Girls who verbally attacked him in English class. Which, by the way, is a direct Category 2 Infraction and is also covered under the Connecticut Bullying Statutes)
  • The bar for offense is much higher for the majority then it is for the minority (This was in answer to when my son asked why it was OK to be offensive to him with the WHITE PRIVILEGE workshop and the Buzzfeed survey but all of his opinions and personal beliefs are labeled as harassment by the school)
  • If someone gets so offended and they are screaming at you. You’re the one that needs to have thick enough skin to know you are the one that initiated this. (Again in reference to the two girls who verbally assaulted my son)
  • An opinion against any of those groups listed in the handbook is going to be considered offensive (There are no groups listed in the handbook just the boiler plate gender, disability, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, culture, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background)
  • Keep your ideas to yourself

So to help break this down for you. Let’s say you are a prospective student, a football recruit looking to attend Cheshire Academy. Let’s also say you believe that a transgender (biological male) should not be allowed to compete against biological females (Which by the way would put you right in line with tennis great and gay activist Martina Navratilova). If you were to say this belief out loud and ANY student was to hear you and complain. You are guilty of harassment. If you were to make the same comment in the middle of the football field and no student hears or complains but a faculty member happens to overhear your comment, then you are guilty of harassment. All of which are considered a Category 2 offense and can lead to you being kicked out of school immediately.


So in the aftermath, even though all my son was looking for was to be treated with the same open mindedness and respect as the protected classes on campus; even though he still is putting in 3 hours/day in preparing for both the upcoming track season and next falls football season; irregardless of the fact that he has multiple letters from faculty and staff commenting on his outstanding citizenship and care he has shown to others in the Cheshire Academy community; or that he reclassified and adjusted all of his college planning to attend this academy; the school gave him the following options as his punishment:

  1. He can withdraw immediately with no mark on his record; or
  2. He can serve a 5 day suspension that does go on his record (and based on the reasons for the suspension, he will now be labeled as a bully); be placed on disciplinary probations for the remainder of the year (where the most minor infraction is now cause for immediate dismissal from the school); and no renewal of contract (which means that he cannot come back to school in the fall).


My advice to everyone thinking of attending this institution. Whether you are a rough and tumble football recruit or an academic who believes in diversity of thought and freedom of expression, PLEASE THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT YOUR DECISION! If you do not buy in 100% into the whole identity politics, social justice movement then you will either have to keep your mouth shut, keeping your opinions to yourself, or risk being singled out, persecuted and kicked out for attempting to think freely!!!

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  1. The DSM-V has been used since 2013, replacing the DSM-IV. Psychiatric diagnosis has progressed to incorporate changes is knowledge and thinking about mental illness. There is no longer a designation of Gender Identity Disorder. Psychiatrists don’t consider being transgender (non-binary sexuality) a psychiatric illness. So, must rethink this line of reasoning.


    1. Thank you for your reply. As you can see unlike the school we do not seek to censor or shout down opinions or facts that do not necessarily agree with our own.

      As you know the DSM-V is considered a highly politicized document but beyond that Gender Dysphoria (The new term for what used to be considered Gender Identity Disorder) is still considered a disorder in the DSM-V.

      Hence, although my son referenced the DSM-IV in his argument he is still correct in saying that it is considered an abnormal behavior.

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      1. The DSM-series IS a highly politically-influenced document set. Nonetheless, the more
        recent versions/editions have also involved “gnosiological shifts”– in this case from (1),
        imagining the ‘disorder’ as ‘identifying with’ the opposite gender to (2), having dysphoria,
        anxiety and disturbed experience in having the trans-Identity. In other words, if the condition
        does not bother the person who has it, then there is no Pathology for post DSM-IV.
        Curiously– to me , at least– it has not become a PC norm to deny that Therapy is even needed
        for those who do have anxiety and disturbed experience: instead of ‘exploring’ what that is or
        ‘feels like,’ the trans-Identifier is to be told, assured and persuaded that such feelings are not
        really real; they are nothing but the result of social persecution. (The ‘Equality Act’ prepared by
        Rep. Pelosi’s office will forbid Federal aid to schools that do engage in what used to be a part
        of Child Psychiatry,)

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      2. Through social circumstance I know a lot of physicians who, incidentally, aver that medicine is not strictly a science. A psychiatric pronouncement of the type quoted is, thus, merely an opinion most likely influenced by highly subjective, very suspect, reasoning. If your brain’s at odds with your body many physicians would conclude you have a mental disorder. Then there are the seriously demented, potentially dangerous types who perhaps are faking it–now irrationally empowered. Getting to the point where physicians must beware of getting the gender ‘wrong’ and will not be able to treat delusional patients for fear of legal terrorism.


    2. However, International Classification of Diseases 10th revision and ICD-10-CM (Clinical Modification, used in the United States) categorizes gender identity disorder within Chapter 5: Mental, Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. This chapter also includes paraphilia and other sexual disorders as well as directing the coder to also classify if the patient has a history of sex reassignment. ICD is published by the World Health Organization and is the international standard for reporting diseases & health conditions as well as identifying trends & statistics globally . The precursor for ICD was the International list of Deaths in 1893 then WHO with ICD creation in 1948.


    3. Jennifer, I think you may misunderstand the change in the DSM V. The DSM V – by definition – (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)) is a list of Mental Disorders ! It redefines the diagnosis from “disorder” to “dysphoria”. It does not by any means remove the concept of “identifying” as a different sex than the one you are – from the book of mental disorders. Gender Dysphoria is listed in the DSM-V, as a mental disorder and the change in the update was to remove the word “disorder” in order to be more sympathetic to those who suffer this,and replace it with “dysphoria” which gives a diagnosis that ensures they are able to receive treatment needed and not allow them to be discriminated against. The fact it is considered a mental illness I think also lends its self to the banning from the military, if you read the actual report that was the basis for the banning. You can’t knowingly enlist a person into the military that suffers from a mental illness. file:///C:/Users/Teacher/Downloads/APA_DSM-5-Gender-Dysphoria.pdf


      1. As with the previous revisions to the DSM that altered and then removed the designation of homosexuality,the changes relating to gender identity was entered into as appeasement of those who refuse to recognize their condition as a disorder rather than any advance in understanding (“research” to provide scientific cover for the changes is created as the APA becomes invested in defending whatever changes it makes).In the case of homosexuality treatment is now deplored professionally and the activists are trying to get it prohibited entirely.


    4. Can you tell me what scientific discovery led to the removal of Gender Identity Disorder? Is it not true that Gender Identity Disorder was removed from the DSM due to political pressure from various outside groups and had no basis in science what so ever?


      1. This is part of the same attempt by the Nazi Left that we have seen in the past to completely destroy all objective truth so as to make leftist hysteria the basic “truth” we should all believe. Notice how hysterical virtually all the “adults” are, as opposed to the young man in this story is. The mother and father should be very proud of their son. It is truly shocking to see the extent of the ignorance in so many of our “adult leaders”. If the up and coming young adults are like this young man there may be hope for us all after all. I am a “boomer”, and can readily agree to the massive damage done by us to this country. If for any other reason, we will be dead and gone and this society will have a real shot at being healthy and whole again. God bless yoy.


  2. As a prospective parent considering options for private school, I greatly appreciate this expose of the SJW thought police in action at Cheshire Academy. Your son is clearly very intelligent and his calmness in the face of obvious bigotry is admirable. In each of the audio clips it appears that the roles are reversed between the student and teacher. A racist presentation on “white privilege” on a day meant to honor Dr. Martin Luther King flies in the face of everything that man stood and died for. Also, the attempt to pretend that the Federalist Papers are somehow a justification for bigotry is absurd and condemnable. Good luck to your son; I will be forwarding this link to other parents so they are aware of what goes on behind the scenes at this school.

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    1. My son thanks you for your kind comments. Just last night he made mention that if Dr. Martin Luther King was still alive today he would be sickened by what is happening in our schools and mortified as to how the progressives have so twisted his message of unity.

      Even though this is a trying time for our family due to this experience and ongoing aftermath. I am glad that I have been able to get out the word and allow others the opportunity to side step this nightmare environment.

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      1. Next year, we are in the market for a school for our daughter. Thanks for helping us eliminate CA. There are, thankfully, still schools that respect “trivial” core American values such as freedom of conscious, not to mention, speech.


      1. Merriam-Webster:
        Bigotry – noun – obstinate or intolerant devotion to one’s own opinions and prejudices

        The son was clearly subjected to unreasonable disciplinary action for simply speaking his opinion after being prompted to do so by an authority figure. The recordings identify that the entire basis for his discipline rested on his unwillingness to conform to a specific political viewpoint (one clearly contrary to that of his parents and upbringing). He was given an order to “modify his behavior” – i.e. accept the politics of his teachers and administrators – and submit to an unreasonable punishment having done nothing wrong other than disagreeing on a logical basis.

        Given the facts, he was clearly the victim of bigotry.


    2. So glad we will not have your child at this school, this helps weed out families that want to adhere to this sort of bullying and privileged thinking.


      1. It is interesting you use the term bullying, which is exactly what the recordings demonstrate the administrators doing to this young man. The most insidious part is how radical the opinions of the individuals in the recordings are, and that they are clearly using their positions of authority to bully impressionable minds into becoming radicals themselves. This young man exhibited incredible fortitude to not cave in to the pressures of adults who all but questioned his morality directly.

        As a parent, I would be furious to discover that someone tried to shame my child for holding values shared by his parents and millions of others throughout the country. That sort of behavior has nothing to do with traditional education; it is politically motivated propaganda.

        The one recording of the man telling him that his feelings are less valid because of the color of his skin is the most damning in my opinion.


  3. As one father to another father I want to say I am so sorry to hear this, I can only imagine how difficult and painful it must be to have your son expelled from high school when he was so close to graduating.
    If you believe in “diversity of thought” I challenge you to leave this comment up.
    Your son sounds like a talented boy which is why he was recruited by this elite private academy. I feel the mistake you made was not realizing that this special school he was in was a private school, not a public school, which is why they can easily expel him. If he was in a public school this could not have happened. However, as a private elite institution which is cultivating the very best students for an excellent college education, they have their own rules. They have the right to make their own rules. When these rules are broken they can easily expel a student. They have a zero tolerance policy at the school for anything they deem to be offensive to other students. Not unlike the Army or the Marines, there is no room for challenging the rules there. Fortunately, they did not expel your son immediately, they talked with him twice it seems, to give him another chance, and they did give him another chance, just a month short of graduation. However, you, his father, decided to make this website, showing off recordings of the teachers and private meetings that is a violation of other teachers right to privacy, and I bet that was the last straw that got your son expelled. So you have yourself and your pride to thank for his situation. It is a proud father gone too far that resulted in his getting expelled. I imagine you encouraged his recordings of private conversations as you built your case against the school. Unfortunately for you and him, that tactic was poorly executed and a violation of the schools policy which you must have known.
    Again, I am sorry to hear about this situation, I know it must be very difficult, and now your son will have a hard time moving on to what would have been an easy next step in his collegiate career which would have probably been very satisfying for him since he is so talented and was recruited by an elite academy like Cheshire.
    I suggest you look long and hard at your own motivations here, and realize that while you were thinking only of your son and the pain this has caused him, you inadvertently created much more pain by creating a website like this and getting him expelled for it.
    I admire you as a father with a passion to protect his son, and I will admire you even more if you leave this comment up.


    1. To begin with, unlike the school I would never think to try and censor anyone with an opinion contrary to mine. The 1st amendment freedoms we enjoy are found no where else on this planet and I couldn’t fathom traveling down the same road of censorship and persecution as the hordes of fascists that now populate the halls of academia and the liberal fake news media. As the old saying goes “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

      Thank you for the amount of thought that went into your comment and to the kind words about my son.

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    2. I kindly disagree.

      Your point about his violating the faculty members privacy rights was incorrect. In the state of Connecticut you only need one party consent to record an oral conversation, therefore, since his son took part in the recorded conversation, he is able to provide that one party consent. No privacy rights were violated.

      Also, there is without question an attack on the freedom of expression/speech for conservatives. This country was built on these principles, expression is something that should be absolute, it no longer is. In recent years, the Left has started down this extremely dangerous path of attacking and bullying those who do not accept their views. Now, is the Right perfect? Of course not. However, those who are educating our youth are majority Left leaning, and they are poisoning the minds of these kids. There is no longer debate or proper conversation in academia but rather what his father discussed, yelling from those who do not agree, and, as you can see on the news, this is consistently the case. The left has adopted this tactic of bullying and shutting down those who will not accept their ideals. So, I believe his choice as a father to defend his son in this way was the correct one; this is not a Cheshire Academy issue, but one that persists within institutions across the country. This issue is bigger than him getting kicked out of school, it is yet another example of an intellectual conservative being shot down. So, well done to you for standing up for your son and his beliefs!

      In closing I would like to say that my father is a former Cheshire Academy teacher (he left the school due to the inevitable demise, he was right). Now, growing up on the campus and recently graduating from a different Prep School, I am aware on how these schools work. The disciplinary systems are flawed and extremely inconsistent when dealing out punishments. It benefits the wealthy (the ones who can pay for the majority of the tuition) and those agree with the administration/are liked by the administration. What often happens is precisely what the father discussed, two different punishments for the same violation. His son was forced with the option of withdrawing or taking a suspension, but the two girls in the classroom? They MIGHT (most likely not) have been called into the deans office to receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist, or, in this case, a pat on the back.

      Sorry for the long post, but, to put it lightly, I’m sick of this bullshit. We cannot unite as a country if we cannot have proper conversations about the issues we are struggling with. As long the left continues to yell, we will continue to see educated conservatives like Michael Mancini pop up in the news. And of course, we will continue to celebrate them for their bravery in the face of harassment.

      From one young conservative to another, God bless you.

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      1. This is also assuming that what you are reading here is correct. We do not actually know what happened and this is a very one sided view.

        Also, he did not violate CT law, but the schools policies so please read correctly.

        This is not about politics but about bigotry. This family knew the school they were enrolling into, knew that the school was very liberal and accepted the ideas of gender non conformity. Why bother attending such a school when you feel you now must have your views heard by all at the school?


    3. James.

      Your argument seems similar to ones I heard in the ’60s when I attended college in the South (N.C.). For example, the owner of a restaurant across the street from the university argued that as a private business he had a right to deny service to anyone (specifically black students).

      I am no attorney, but I’m thinking there are a number of grounds for a lawsuit including breech of contract, false advertising, etc. My guess is that a court may well find that there are limits to what even a private school can do and that Cheshire exceeded those limits.

      Finally, your comment describing the school as “a private elite institution which is cultivating the very best students for an excellent college education” must have been intended as sarcasm. Or at least I hope so.

      Personally, I commend both the father and his son. The son for having the integrity to stand up for his beliefs, support his arguments with facts and respond to hysterical attacks with maturity beyond his years. The father for modeling integrity and standing up for what is right even when taking that stand may includes personal risks.

      When I was of college age, President Kennedy’s book Profiles in Courage had a profound impact on me. Surely this father and son are a profile in courage.

      I am not worried about this young man’s future. I wish I could say the same about most of the graduates of Chesire and the school itself.

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    4. James, I respect your reply, however I challenge you on your statement that this would not happen in a public institution. I am employed by a large, 100% federally funded institution – can’t get much more public than that. I also work a second job as a server in a large popular restaurant. While having a conversation about a person we all knew, I had said yes they had been into the restaurant and had a bill over $200, and I was asked if I got a good tip. I got $5 on a 200 bill and they asked if the service was that bad and laughed. My response – which is a FACT – not a racist statement – “No – they are Brazilian, Brazilians don’t tip – its’ cultural., it is what it is. There were 7 people in the conversation, and 5 of them were of Latino heritage. ONE person…..ONE ….was offended, and not by the Dominican who stated the parent was “cheating the system” and not claiming true wages……she was offended by MY tipping statement! I, a manager with a spotless 15 year work history – was suspended for ONE WEEK – without pay – because I offended on person in a conversation of 7. It’s not private vs public, or father vs sons actions. I believe it is a sign of the times and what we have allowed this country to become.


    5. James, your snooty, sanctimonious comment makes you sound just like the administrators from the hearing. It is extremely passive aggressive, couching laying blame on the father for his son’s expulsion in the language of faux, pseudo admiration. You admire this father and his son just as much as the school intended to hold a fair hearing. Comments like yours are, frankly, sickening, because they are symptomatic of an ideology that seeks to ruthlessly destroy its enemies but cloaks itself as measured, reasoned tolerance, when in reality, it’s the opposite. This kid did not receive a fair hearing, the decision was made ahead of time and the whole dog and pony show was to assuage the administrators conscience so they could pat themselves on the back and claim that due process was served.

      This kid is clearly articulate and intelligent. I’d guess he’s popular too. That represents a threat to a mindset that requires 100% conformity to survive and can not withstand a minor amount of scrutiny. Schools are supposed to foster discussion, debate and critical thinking, which requires challenging authority and conventional wisdom. Instead, they’re becoming and largely are indoctrination centers. Ideas are supposed to offend at times, and the whole idea behind this is to foster a generation of people with no rights, outside what the elites prescribe to be good and decent. I wish the kid threw that back in the dean’s face when he talked about tyranny of the majority. It was about crowding out and silencing “non mainstream” views, which is precisely what he was doing himself. The only difference is that his views are not really mainstream, it only appears that way because anyone challenging them gets severely reprimanded.

      Can a private school do what it wants in terms of accepting and expelling students? Sure. Can it protect itself from public scrutiny by expelling kids based on parents actions? Sure, depending on the contract. This case, though, is so egregious because the school defamed the kid and abused its authority. I hope there’s a lawsuit and an example is made of them, because this is happening all over the country. Too bad there’s no legal entity out there identifying cases and holding these corrupt ideologues who run education in this country to account.


  4. I definitely agree that Cheshire Academy should have handled the situation better. I think they should have engaged with your son’s views, and I’d like to take the time to do so on one issue.

    Regarding normalization, arguing a slippery slope would not logically follow w/ the topic. I think it should just be clarified that there’s a very clear distinction between gay/transgender identities and being a pedophile, zoophile, or serial killer–there are no victims inherent to the desires of gay and transgender people, but there are with the desires of pedophiles, zoophiles, and serial killers. This illustrates a very clear line to draw when normalizing minority groups.

    Also, Canada did not legalize bestiality. During a bestiality case, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that the current legal definition of bestiality technically only included penetrative acts between humans and non-human animals. No legislation was changed. As of 2016, legislation to redefine bestiality to include all inter-species sexual activity is in its early stages of being introduced.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. As my son so painfully laid out to the teacher, faculty, etc. he was not trying to compare Gay/Transgender to Pedophiles, etc. He was pointing to the fact that when society attempts to normalize abnormal behaviors, it creates a slippery slope.

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      1. I understand, and I was addressing that point. Normalizing certain abnormal behavior does not necessarily create a slippery slope. There are very clear distinctions among the identities we are discussing, which is whether or not there is inherent harm to another person as a result of a group’s desires. That difference makes the line to draw pretty tenable, which would defend against slippery slopes


      2. Abnormal behavior is just that abnormal. Who are the arbiters of what is harmful and what is not? There can be a very solid case to be made that transgenders being allowed to compete in women’s sports is inherently harmful to female athletes but transgender advocates will fight you to the death that they are not. The state of Connecticut has already had multiple transgender state champions in girls’ track. Those defeats take away the opportunity for girl’s, who would have qualified for the state open’s had transgenders not been allowed to compete, to be seen on a larger stage by more colleges. Also once we slide farther down this “slippery slope”, transgenders will be allowed to compete at the collegiate level, at Division one schools, etc. will it take the first 6’9″ 260# transgender basketball player dunking over the other players like they don’t exist, before some says, “wow, this might be a problem”?


      3. In this case, I’m talking about physical harm, and harm coming as direct result of a group’s biological/instinctual desires. Possible societal harm is another issue to discuss, but I believe my parameters for normalization make it pretty hard to fall into a slippery slope of excusing dangerous/violent identities. I don’t think many would disagree that, when considering acceptance, we should draw the line at harm being intrinsic to identity.

        If we want to talk about slippery slopes purely in the context of transgender issues, I can agree that there are some things we should be mindful of. I agree that it’s often unfair for trans people to be involved in sports of their preferred gender.

        I think we can discuss things like this without doing a 180 and denying the acceptance/normalization of trans people. It’s a nuanced issue. Gender dysphoria is a complicated condition, and usually one that includes symptoms of depression and anxiety. In the current state of medicine, transitioning is the best treatment for the symptoms of depression and anxiety that those suffering from gender dysphoria experience. I think it’s important to help transgender people feel “normal” to the best extent that we can, as in many cases their mental health and life depend on it.


      4. Yes he was, if he didn’t have a like for like argument, then he is just stating an opinion not asking for a debate


  5. Thank you for exposing the intolerance and bigotry of the left who have taken over the education system. Every conservative or independently minded parent I know worries about their children being indoctrinated and harassed by liberal teachers and professors. You son is clearly intelligent and sounded like the only adult in the room. Good luck on your lawsuit – although not sure I would want my child reinstated in that environment. School is hard enough without being attacked on a daily basis (and these people will never change).


      1. Rob, you miss the point. School should be about education math, science, etc. not about one particular social doctrine over another. Once a particular “doctrine” is pushed in our schools then they cease to be places of learning and turn into indoctrination camps.


    1. Excuse you, this isn’t the “intollerant left”, these are the actions of a faculty selling themselves to a group of people who can pay 60k a year and want to think of themselves as “woke”


  6. Theodore, I understand your position, but am unclear as to whether your son is black or if his statement was meant as ironic humor.


      1. I imagine ironic humor is allowed, but contextually that appears to be the wrong time and place.

        This situation is a bit frustrating to watch unfold as I agree with the philosophical thought behind a number of the statements made. However, in the situation as you presented it your son appears antagonistic and further perpetuates negative stereotypes that overtaken true conservative thought.

        Best of luck with the case, but it seems like an apt defense lawyer will easily dismantle your claim.


      2. Barry, his son was taking part in a lesson that was politically motivated, ridiculous, and offensive to him. He made a joke ridiculing the lesson. That is called satire when used by liberals against conservatives.


  7. The question is does a school have to admits and keep racists, anti semites, or people who insult transgender people? The student is a bigot and I wouldn’t want a hater in my son’s class. His parents are responsible for teaching such hate. No doubt they voted for Trump. Well they certainly would have the KKK’s backing


    1. As I have said multiple times, unlike the school I would never think to try and censor an opinion that is contrary to my own. I believe this comment really stands on its own as a great example of the “tolerant left”. Got it, we do not think like you so we are racist, anti-Semites, bigots, etc. and of course because “I am filled with hate” I must be a Trump supporter.

      Oh and by the way since the KKK is an organization founded by the Democratic party I don’t think they would support either President Trump or us.

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      1. But your saying the same argument your fighting?? Ur stating your being silenced for not believing someone’s else reality?? No ask you to be gay or trans or black or liberal be you, u sees tans you can debate without being a bully about your religious opinion cause it’s what you said Your doctrine, you would assume if a teacher or student agreed with you, you would have a 2nd person besides your son claiming the same doctrine and thoughts and making an argument but seems he wanted to talk about Ted bundy and associate it with being trans is being intellectually dishonest and sluggish


    2. There is no issue of hate or bigotry involved in the position that standards of conduct be applied equally to all people regardless of the desires of some people to violate those standards.I voted for Obama and both Clintons and every Democratic candidate back to Jimmy Carter,and I believe that anyone who ever knowingly treats any transgender identity as if it were valid deserves to be charged with being a co-conspirator in a fraud.Misrepresenting oneself as actually of the sex other than that dictated by one’s genes has no place in a well-ordered human society.I am not a religious person and this is not a religious issue.


      1. Then you are a Liberal not a Leftist.


        You are an endangered species in America. And America needs more of you and tens of millions fewer Leftists.


    3. No, the question is can students debate issues without fear of retribution for their views. Your definition, like most libtards, of a bigot is anyone who doesn’t agree with you. If your son thinks like you I wouldn’t want him in my son’s class because I want my son to be educated, not indoctrinated. The rest of your diatribe only reveals what a narrow-minded ignoramus you are and, imo, a vivid reminder of the type of society we would find ourselves if that self-serving whore you voted for had been voted into office.


  8. Wow. What a snowflake. You don’t have a RIGHT to attend a private school. When enrolling in such a school, your son agreed to behave a certain way. Clearly, and as taught by you, he did not. Your son has some screwed up beliefs; as do you. I have two sons in private school. A Conservative private school. That school would have expelled your son for the same reasons.

    You’re not only wrong in your beliefs, you’re on the wrong side of history. Learn, and grow. Don’t be like Trump.


    1. What we agreed to when signing the contract to attend private school was that my son would be entering an “all inclusive” environment, where all points of view, beliefs and opinions were to be respected with no fear of censorship or persecution for said opinions or beliefs. We also agreed that my son would enjoy all the same benefits and freedoms as every other student on campus.


      1. Question. Did the contract you sign specifically state there would be respect for all points of view, belief, and opinions, and no persecution on the basis of opinions or beliefs? If so, you should have them for breach of contract.


    2. Whether the “trans” win or lose they will always be on the wrong side.History may be written by the winners but there is no excuse for rolling over when the bad guys are winning.I am a pro-abortion-rights,pro-gun-control,pro-national-health-insurance,anti-death-penalty lifelong Democrat who has never been religious,but I am utterly disgusted by the treatment by anyone of any transgender identity as if it were better than a delusion in need of correction.


    3. Wow. What a douchebag. Where did anyone imply it was a right to attend a private school? So, according to you, behaving means to never question, never push boundaries, never test your beliefs. Guess you want everyone to sit still and be spoonfed. That is not an education, that is indoctrination which is too prevalent in our schools. Wow, you have two sons in a conservative private school. I guess that gives you the moral high ground, Einstein. You’d like to think that school would expel his son but if they are conservative and worth a damn, they wouldn’t.

      They appear to be extremely confident and rational about their beliefs. They are even exercising their First Amendment rights to fight for their beliefs which is why they will learn and they will grow. You, on the other hand, will only cling to your misguided ideology and talking points and will shrivel away like a plant with no roots.

      By the way, by stating “Don’t be like Trump” are you saying that you shouldn’t try to emulate a successful real estate investor, television show developer, and author who then switched gears and on his first attempt at political office attained the Office of the President of the United States? Pray tell, should we be more like Beto? My advice is to not show up unarmed in a battle of wits.


      1. Maybe see the man’s tax returns before you call him successful.

        I mean, I’m sure he’s a billionaire NOW, but was he before he was president?

        Have you ever, ever EVER seen a bragged avoid showing evidence for something big if he had it?

        I was going to keep scrolling before your battle of wits comment…but do you know that if Trump had simply dumped his inheritance into the s&p500 and did nothing he would be significantly richer than he ever claimed to be?


  9. I would just like to preface by saying that I understand why you are doing this seeing as the schools decision will permenantly impact your sons future in terms of college admissions and it seems like this incident has the potential to genuinely alter the course of his life and while I do agree with some of your points I do not agree with the argument you put forth. Your son was not punished for having opinions, he was punished for not expressing his opinions in an appropriate manner. To call anything sociopathic gives it extremely negative connotations, especially with those who do not do a deeper analysis into what sociopathy actually is. When your son called transgenderism a form of societal sociopathy that is when he invited retort. Your son may not be objectively wrong in his beliefs however to use a word with such a clear negative connotation is wrong. Secondly you say it is wrong that your son was reported in a private conversation with his teacher however is it not blatant hypocrisy that you take clips out of context from a secret recording so you can craft this blog, which clearly violates certain levels of privacy, with this blog being a probable reason for your sons expulsion. What I must acknowledge is that the use of the idea of a safe space is a toxic idea in how hipocratic it is when used on the left however it is clear that in a seminar about white priveledge (also note that there were probably other seminars and those that you listed were probably just the most radical sounding and your son probably chose the white privilege seminar) the attitude of your son had no place as it probably only really disrupted the goal of the workshop. If your son really wanted to have these conversations he should have just continued to have them in an appropriate manner without bringing them about in such inflammatory ways or with the goal of disruption of a structured discussion.


    1. It is ok that you do not agree with the argument we have put forth. Unlike at the school, here you will not be censored and persecuted for not agreeing with us.

      I do have one question though, if stating facts in answering a question initiated by the teacher in a classroom discussion/debate is not the appropriate manner then what is?


      1. I am happy that your are not censoring anyone in fact I strongly believe censorship breeds ignorance however getting back to the matter at hand I don’t think it’s fair to hide the wall of facts. Facts are not harmless, If you were to cite a book like the Bell Curve and say that a black person that on average the IQ of black people is lower than other races so chances are they aren’t as smart, I’m sure you you would be able to see the offense in that. Facts are powerful tools in shaping our ethical debates however when facts are used in an inflammatory context that can lead to one being easily offended, that is where many institutions will always draw the line. The problem wasn’t that your son stated that according to DSM-IV transgenderism is a mental disease, it is that he then proceeded to refer to it as sociopathic. In a learning institution you can not expect highschool students to hold all the same knowledge as your son does, many of them would purely pay attention to the connotation due to the increased use of the word in media as a result of increasing coverage of serial killers and maderera. (Also one final aside about facts, facts can be manipulated, DSM-IV may say transgenderism is a mental illness but DSM-V does not. You may say DSM-V is a highly politicized document but then you are making the assertion that we cannot put faith is the American Psychiatric Association.)


      1. And it’s impossible for you to argue this point without appealing to emotional instincts or logical fallacies.


      2. I’m sorry, this type of comment is counterproductive in so many ways. If you really are right you should be able to have an argument for why you are right so you can convince the other side that you are not wrong. In fact by leaving this comment you are hurting my argument and making it open for strawmaning. Michael was not expelled for saying something negative about transgender people just bringing them up in a disrespectful way. Leave this type of comment somewhere else, this is not the place.


  10. As a former CA student and it saddens me to see how the school is handling this situation. A school is a place where students should be able to share different ideas, thoughts, and perspectives in a safe place. It’s called diversity. The ability for students to engage in civil dialogue and learn from one another is key to their development. I hope the school learns from this event and betters itself moving forward.


  11. What this “school” is doing is not educating students, it is indoctrinating them. Not acceptable. The people who run this “school” fear and despise anyone whose expressed thoughts are at variance with their social justice agenda. They are on the wrong side of history. That’s why your son is being kicked out. Your son is better off outside such a place. I would never send my children to such a “school”.

    Your son is smart enough to get a good education anywhere he goes. He’s proven he is not a snowflake. Hope you win the lawsuit, get a settlement, and use the money for your son’s education somewhere better. Shouldn’t be real hard to do.

    I notice many here slam President Trump. Sounds like sour grapes. He’ll be President until January 20, 2025.


  12. Jesus I’m no fan of CA but your son deserves everything that came to him. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the use of a serial killer to justify his position on a guy dressing as a girl in a Shakespeare play. There is no sociopathy going on there, transgenders and homosexuals were accepted throughout most of history until around the 19th century. Your son’s comment sounds barbaric when you start to look at the actual history of Shakespeare as well. The 3rd incident is absolutely a case of white privilege and his inability to read a room. While he didn’t mean any harm, this joke just ain’t alright chief. He overstepped a line that shouldn’t be crossed.


    1. So here in the United States you are saying that my son deserves to be censored and persecuted for his opinions and statements of fact? I believe your comment has really helped us in showing the exact type of “thought crime” persecution we are standing against.


    2. I know the feeling. I’m still trying to wrap my head around a video being responsible for Benghazi and how this country’s leaders just let them fend for themselves instead of attempting a rescue and then covering it up. Getting a decent education and having a sense of humor were accepted until the late twentieth century when libtards and social justice warriors started setting their standards for education and human interaction.

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  13. I appreciate you sharing this entire scenario in detail. Your son sounds very intelligent when discussing his ideas and is also ready to refer to information he has gathered and researched to support his thoughts (regardless of whether other people agree with him or not). He also seems very willing to engage in thoughtful conversation. I personally feel that over time the population has oriented itself toward an idea that “if you don’t agree with me, then you are a bad person” and people allow their emotions to take over when someone opposes their beliefs. There is no room for polite debate, because if you don’t accept new age labels, sexual orientations, liberal beliefs, plant based diets, etc. or whatever ideas, then you must be a bigot, racist, sexist, etc. This past November, a white female colleague of mine asked a white male colleague of mine if he voted (with a large group present). When he said no, she verbally attacked him in front of the rest of my colleagues stating that “of course he didn’t vote because he is a white man and he’s privileged and has been so his whole life, and he was part of the problem so it is probably better that he didn’t vote.” How has this behavior become socially acceptable? Why is someone attacked if they don’t think the exact same way as someone else? I think it is unfortunate that free speech seems available only to those who are considered “open minded” i.e. are not conservative, Christian, don’t understand gender fluidity, eat meat, vote republican, don’t believe in free health care, think people who receive supplemental services from the government should be drug tested, or think that illegal means, illegal and that there is actually problems at the border that need to be addressed. Good luck with your pursuit! I wish you the very best and think your son has a future career as an attorney. God Bless you and your family.

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  14. CA and much of society are causing real harm to the youth of today with group think and the inability to practice critical thinking. This story is a prime example.

    For those stating that the dismissed student’s analogy is faulty because he used examples of disorders that have victims or that have clearly negative connotations, I have a better comparison:

    The DSM – V also describes body dysmorphia in addition to gender dysmorphia. What is it about gender dysmorphia that the PC crowd believes should be celebrated when individuals with body dysmorphia should receive mental health treatment? I feel for those who feel they are a different gender. I support everyone’s right to self expression. I think gender dysmorphia (transgenderism) should be treated and accepted but not celebrated.

    There is ample evidence that people with conservative beliefs are discriminated against and victimized. This website is needed because this mistreatment of a conservative student would otherwise go unnoticed. Trans issues ARE UP FOR DEBATE (or should be) and wanting to debate this issue – or any other – is what a free and open society are supposed to be about.

    Shame on the administrators and at least one teacher of the Cheshire Academy for being afraid of ideas!


  15. I applaud you and your son and I hope you are successful at exposing the crap that is going on at that school. The attempts to brainwash these kids and stifle free speech and expression of ideas is corrupting these kids and I for one am thankful my kid will be done there. Just a quick look at the reading assignments will tell you all you need to know. Any school should be a place where people are free to express and discuss political philosophies, and ideas without threats or being called names. Attempts to control speech will fail as will this school. Teachers should not reveal their political leaning, nor should they sway students in any one direction. Reading assignments should expose them to all viewpoints. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen at CA


  16. This year will see increasing discussion and verbal warfare over the TransGender/Gender business– female
    teen athletes are now starting to complain that to have them ‘compete’ against teenagers who are male in
    their body structure and physiology, even if ‘suppressed’ by drugs, is INTRINSICALLY UNFAIR. (The Heavy
    Weight and the Light Weight are not matched in contact sports. ) Navratilova has spoken out about this. But
    politics is powerful and it will be a lot of kicking and melting before reason prevails. (Something similar was
    attempted in the promotion of Oscar Pretorius as a (bilateral below-knee amputee) Olympic runner. It was
    absurd to have him run with his special kangaroo prostheses, but as it was intended to give a ‘lift’ to the
    Impaired Community, the authorities did it.)


  17. I am a parent of multiple current and past students of Cheshire Academy. In general the staff and administration have been good people trying their best. That said, the treatment of your son and your family is inexcusable. Unlike the school, your blog has created an environment that has supported an open sharing of different ideas and diversity of thought. This is exactly what the school should have fostered for your son, the young ladies that thought it was OK to react to ideas with a verbal assualt and the other students at the school. Rather than attacking your son and throwing him out of school the adult “professional” staff and administrators missed a golden opportunity to support a civil debate and discussion of ideas. All foundational concepts that our country is based on and that they need to teach. I don’t necessarily agree with any of the stances that you and your son are taking other than your outrage that he is being singled out and punished for trying to express them in a civil way. I would argue to all those participating on this blog that this is the most important issue and right that we can all agree needs to be honored and respected irrespective of CA being a private institution. We can argue that this young men perhaps approached this in a clumsy way but he is a teenager, trying to find his voice, present things in an evidenced based manner and engage in an exchange of ideas. This is exactly what the school should foster. If this situation went array it is solely the responsibility of the teachers and administrators. What a missed learning opportunity. These professional educators could have brought these groups of young people together and shown the student body how a working democracy supports civil debate irrespective of how uncomfortable certain views are. We all agree that this is missing in today’s adult political environment and there is such a great need to teach this to our future leaders. I have a tremendous amount of respect for your son and your family for challenging this treatment publicly. You are speaking truth to power. Something that the staff at CA would normally support unless it is critical of them. The only way the school, the unseasoned new Head of School and the Board of Trustees will seriously consider these serious topics and will challenge themselves is through a public dialogue like the one you fostered. I am sure that this process and the decision to go public was agonizing and a decision that you might question every day. I was saddened to see one participant on this blog accuse you of being selfish and putting you son through this process. I couldn’t disagree more. Your family is reminding all of us that the core principals of this country are worth fighting for and that it takes real courage to stand up. As a passionate proponent for the school and what it can be I look forward to seeing this getting resolved by having your son reinstated, the administration and staff being reinvigorated to establish an environment that supports a diversity of thought and a group of students that will graduate with a newfound respect from freedom of speech and respectful debate of ideas.

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  18. I am so impressed by your son, and have no doubts he will be an influential leader of the future. He is articulate, rational, calm and respectful. In this case, the Coke factory has inadvertently produced a bottle of champagne. You should be very proud of your son. He is quite the contrast to the propagandized one-dimensional morons who instinctively scream ‘nazi, KKK, hater’ to any individual who has not surrendered their individualism to the prevailing mass lobotomization.

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  19. You shouldn’t have to deal with this b.s. at a college prep school. Your son should be free to express his opinion without fear of censure. We are all entitled to our own views, values and beliefs. Unfortunately the increasingly left-controlled education system pushes a specific agenda which is, for many people, in direct opposition to their personal convictions. Don’t even get me going on Lgbtq issues. Your son deserves better and the school lied to you regarding their protection of all opinions.
    I attended a Jesuit-run high school back in the day and it was the best experience and education I could have had. I hope Michael will find a school like that.


  20. Sorry to hear about Michael’s mistreatment, but I think that he’ll come out of the experience even stronger than he is, today. The term, “liberal”, has been misappropriated by the left. The folks who wrote the Constitution, including the First and Second Amendments, and the rest of the Bill of Rights, were the true liberals.

    Many years ago, my somewhat left-leaning parents sent me to a radical Marxist prep school in Vermont. The experience helped build an inner resilience that has never abandoned me, since. This experience will help Michael, too.

    Below are a couple of my haiku that you may find relevant. Wishing him and you the best…

    Bob Karl

    What is a “liberal”?
    Not “redistribution”, nor
    Taking away rights.

    We’re pissing away
    Our hard-won Constitution,
    Drop by precious drop.

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  21. Just read and heard excerpts of the school hearing. Your son is intelligent, logical, rational, articulate, open and stands up and supports his positions. You should be very proud of him. He exemplifies characteristics any school should hold up and support fully. Instead this school committed an assault on your son and has abused him based upon expressing his view point in a class room and in private conversations with a teacher. This is outrageous behavior on part of the school and parents of the children in that school should not accept this behavior. The period of learning and exploring during high school and college are the times that our youth should be free to take risks in open discourse. Taking risks, and opening minds to different perspectives is how youth expand their minds and grow as people. Equating open thought with assault is ludicrous. Supporting students that emotionally scream at a student for expressing a well thought out viewpoint is shameful, supports students to be close minded and rewarded for “group think”. Looks like Cheshire Academy has a lot to learn about educating our youth. Hopefully your son can take this as a learning lesson and can someday help in changing the tide of identity politics and group think in education. I think this website is a great start. Best of luck to your family.


  22. I keep seeing comments along the lines of “your child sounds like such an intelligent and upstanding young man”, and can’t help but be dumbfounded that these folks are reading the same story I am. Your son sounds like an spoiled, smug, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and all-around little shit! And from what I’ve read of your blog (not to mention the fact that you went and created it), I can see where he gets it.
    I applaud CA for giving your son the boot! The administration, the student body, and the alumni (I, for one) don’t want trash like him even remotely associated with a place many of us considered home; and this home does not bullshit like this—and we don’t want him in our family! Ya might wanna think about home-schooling, but then who would you blame??
    And in all honesty, they probably saved your kid from catching a serious ass-whooping.

    PS: Go fuck yourselves.


    1. You really are offended that he didn’t admit guilt and defeated their arguments. He couldn’t be soft in that setting. Then they would have used his admissions against him.

      Well known saying: An innocent man (or woman) says they are innocent. Says it clearly, with no hesitation or hedging. He’s entitled to say he’s innocent and to refuse to “comply” by saying what they wished he would have said, because he was at risk.

      That the school went ahead, even after their claims were refuted, should now come back against them. Because they should not be allowed to treat people this way. If they’re going to have an orthodoxy, they should state it up-front, rather than relying on surreptitious recordings to make it clear to him and to us now. But it’s very fortunate that he made those recordings.


  23. Your son is quite intelligent for a 16 year old, you must be quite proud.

    While your son was pretty dumb here (although not at all dumb compared to the standards of 16 year old boys), I have to say the school was downright idiotic.

    60k a year and the didn’t have any staff capable of pointing out your son’s logical fallacies? What the hell are people paying that much money for?!

    For instance, the teacher in class should have been mentally equipped to point out that although it is apparently a symptom of sociopathic behavior in the dsm4 to try to normalize abnormal behaviors, that does not mean or even imply that people trying to normalize behaviors are showing signs of of being sociopathic. Why was the faculty incapable of making this argument? And the whole “I’m opposed to religious institutions performing gay marriages because all religious texts forbid it” is just dumb. Church members have a say in whether their churches can perform gay marriages, and many (not all) of the christian ones have said they will do so. Pagan congregations have performed same sex marriages for a long long time. So have some Unitarian churches, come to think of it. Your son does not get to interpret religious texts for other people, nor does the government. Why was that faculty incapable of saying so at a school that costs 60k?

    Also, for them to claim that the girls were responding to “harassment” and so were free to talk over a teacher and do whatever they please is just really, really odd. I’m a diehard liberal, and I promise you, that’s just bizarre in that setting.

    Clearly this is just a school for kids whose parents are capable of spending vast sums on high school and want to feel “woke”. I guess it is to cover for their deficient staff.

    About your case: it probably won’t go anywhere. This is a private school and you signed a contract. I haven’t read the contract, of course, but I can safely say that if they aren’t entirely in the clear then they deserve what they get. Anything they told you outside of the contract would be either a contemporaneous contract or puffer, and they would be in the clear. Of course they might settle to avoid bad publicity… good luck either way.

    Also your son needs to work on being a polemic smartass. Although he seems very intelligent, his attempts at being a sarcastic twit are far, far behind his peers.

    P.s. I’m quite drunk, so I don’t know if any of this made any sense…but I AM drunk enough to post it anyways.


    1. Can you agree that religions whose texts forbid it should not be forced to either celebrate or recognize same-sex marriages?…and that there are religions who do NOT allow their membership to decide their teachings?
      (I don’t belong to any religion,but voting on what God’s will is supposed to be seems opposed to the whole point of religion).

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      1. “Forced to celebrate or recognize” you are going to have to say this more completely, as it is an easy statement for us both to use while meaning different things.

        Pretty much every evangelical religion “forbids” it’s membership to decide their teachings. That’s why there are so many different sects of each of them. People are free to vote with their feet, while staying within the same religion. That’s why in practice those religions are responsive to shifts in social beliefs. Well…responsive eventually.

        What I meant was that if I am a member of church A that doesn’t let gay people get married there, I do NOT get to say that church B is not of the same religion just because they do let gay people get married there. Obviously people can say whatever they please, but I mean they have no moral authority in doing so. If people in church A want to worship at a church that allows gay marriage, they can go to church B, and vice versa.

        The people who run those respective churches will respond accordingly to the demands of their flocks. That’s how you had Christian priests performing same sex marriage for decades even though they were not married under the law.

        Because we have freedom of religion in this country, you do not get to claim that church B is not a Christian church just because you interpret the bible as saying they can’t

        Which is a good thing, since Jesus goes through some serious lengths to explain that rich people can’t go to heaven, while he was pretty quiet about the gay thing.

        In short, groups of people have ALWAYS voted informally on what their religion means. I want to make a quip about Christians eating shrimp, but the new testament invalidates the rules of the old testament within the bible 😦

        As for “require people to recognize and celebrate”, are you referring to bakers and the like? Hospitals? People who work for the government? Reminder before you answer, we long ago and for different reasons decided that private businesses were not strictly private spaces (not strictly public either). Businesspeople do not operate in their private homes, even if that’s where the business is located.

        As for hospitals, the rule pretty much is that if in an emergency a Jewish doctor would refuse to treat a Nazi, or a black doctor would refuse to treat a kkk member, then they shouldn’t be a doctor. As for whether hospitals should be able to forbid someone’s legal spouse from visiting them because the hospital doesn’t “believe” in same sex marriage, that’s kind of dumb.

        Government employees may not impose their religions upon their governmental duties. It’s in the constitution. Reasonable policy is letting them let another employee do the job if it is possible, but if not they need to suck it up or resign. (For such a definitive statement, there is a shocking amount of wiggle room there xD)

        So what are we left with? Should churches be forced to perform same sex marriages? No. Nobody has even proposed that. They don’t have to now. Marriage (legal thing) and marriage (religious thing) are very different. You get no legal benefits or protections for getting married in a religion, for those you have to be married under the law.

        Should religious adoption agencies run by people who don’t want to recognise same sex marriage be able to refuse to let those couples adopt? Hmm…well most American governments were clear to them: you are free to discriminate in that way, but you can’t take government money if you do. Queue much religious whining.

        As a fellow non religious person, I don’t understand why we carve out the extremely broad exceptions that we do for religious organisations performing non religious things.


      2. Cb wrote, “As a fellow non religious person, I don’t understand why we carve out the extremely broad exceptions that we do for religious organisations performing non religious things.”

        I think the reason it is done is to reduce the burden on the federal budget. “In 2010, Catholic Charities had revenues of $4.7 billion, $2.9 billion of which came from the US government. ” — . The $1.8 billion which didn’t come from the US government would come from it if there were no incentives for the charity to exist (i.e. the extremely broad exceptions you mentioned). That is just one charity, albeit one of the largest, so multiply that by a factor of ten or twenty to respresent all the rest and you see my point. A $20 – $40 billion lower burden on the government is considered worth the exceptions.

        You mentioned you are a diehard liberal. The school is not liberal, it’s “progressive.” I’m afraid liberalism as a political movement in the U.S. is dead. The Democrat party is now “progressive.” Google “Democrat party” and you will see a subheading with links to various organizations. The subheading is “Progressive Organizations.” Progressivism comes with its own terms and their own meanings which don’t coincide with what you might guess (e.g. harassment, safe space, social justice warrior, virtue signaling, white privilege, racism). I don’t pretend to understand its appeal nor its fascination with “identity politics.” I find value in both liberalism and conservatism, but not progressivism.


    2. I won’t get down into the weeds of whether the boy’s arguments were correct. Doubtless these subjects cannot be treated at that school, because many responses and opinions would be risky to say. So it is not about that.

      It’s about things like that, after he appeared to beat them fair and square and refute their arguments at his disciplinary hearing, to show that he was not a harasser by reasonable standards, they went against him anyway. This place may need an administrative cleaning from top to bottom. Are the trustees listening?


  24. “Jamie Sullivan, the family’s attorney, told Newsweek that Mancini was sent a letter detailing his expulsion the day after the website was launched, with the school citing the website as one of the reasons that informed their decision.” —
    The school will lose the lawsuit on that blunder. The child has no control over what the parent does or doesn’t do. Lashing out at the student out of anger at the parent shows vindictiveness, immaturity and harassment. The school was stupid enough to put their temper tantrum in writing. Bravo!


  25. communists. this is straight out of 1984, and Gulag Archipelago is the next step for all who disobey the thought police at this prison camp. Wow. What a pathetic bunch of losers from top to bottom. Scary stuff that this “segment” of America has devolved to this level. none of these snowflakes will go far in the real world, except as community organizers, Antifa members and AOC followers.


  26. Please get a lawyer. You could end up owning that school — it’s some valuable real estate! Their amateur interpretation of Federalist 10 and 51 (which your son demolished by their own words — outstanding!) is explicitly superseded by the 14th Amendment guaranteeing equal protection of the laws. What happened to your son is likely a civil rights violation, even though your son is not a member of a “protected class”, so a referral to the US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights would seem appropriate. There may also be state-level remedies to be pursued in parallel.

    Congratulations on having your audio clips.


  27. The words transgender, transsexual and transvestite were all created in the 20th century. They did not exist prior to then, though the phrase “cross dresser” certainly dates to long before 1900. To argue that Shakespeare was discussing transgenderism would require some evidence that the concept even existed during his lifetime. I assert it didn’t. He wouldn’t understand the concept so how could he write about it? It would be similar to arguing that a 17th century astronomer wrote about “black holes,” a concept that relies on the theory of relativity. The whole line of argument is absurd. He was writing about cross dressing, a subject he understood.

    The transgender population in the U.S. is estimated to be somewhere between .3% and .6% of the total population. That is so small a population that it could scream at the top of its lungs about anything it wanted and it would be ignored unless those with much more power decide to take up the cause and promote it. The transsexuals aren’t behind the attempt to normalize this behavior, they are merely repeating what they’ve been told.

    The school’s website says the class size is about a dozen. With that small a group, an intelligent person would learn by the end of the year just what buttons to push to get an oversize reaction from fellow students fully embracing “identity politics”. The student pushed them and the teacher is so thick the best explanation he can come up with is the student used the word “queer”. Didn’t the teacher catch the part about such people are just looking for attention? Social justice warriors are extremely thin skinned. Brie Larson is a good example.

    Even if you win your lawsuit, please put your son in a better school. These teachers aren’t the cleverest bunch.


  28. @Patrick Manning….far as any alleged “damage” the “boomers” have done to our country, speak for yourself. Boomer here. Retired military officer, over 20 years. Disabled veteran. Did things most people could not or would not do. Did my part to help win the Cold War. Have raised two fine kids, with families of their own. Worked in several different industries after retiring from the military. I’ve defended and supported our country, not damaged it.


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