online poker

Learn the rules of online poker before you start playing. You may be unsure of the legality of online poker in the US. This article will explain the rules, differences between live and online poker, and the bonuses offered by different online poker sites. Here are some tips to get you started. You can also find training videos and interactive tools to help you learn how to play poker. And, of course, you should always play poker responsibly! Listed below are some tips to help you improve your poker game.

Legality of online poker in the United States

In recent years, there have been some debates about the legality of online poker for real money. However, this debate has largely been ruled out due to a handful of states. New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware have all legalized some form of online poker. In fact, the US Federal Government has not intervened in any of these states’ online gambling laws, which some say leads to the conclusion that online poker for real money is not illegal.

Differences between live and online poker

There are many similarities between live and online poker. For starters, both involve playing with real people and the same basic rules. The difference between live and online poker is in the speed of play. In live poker, 60 hands are dealt every hour, whereas in online poker, just half that amount happens. Furthermore, online poker allows players to play at more than one table at a time, giving them more opportunities to explore more of the game in less time.


The basic rules of online poker are the same as those found in land-based games, including the betting requirements, how to discard unwanted cards, and how to proceed. In each round, the dealer supplies each player with five cards. The cards are shuffled prior to each hand. Players may bet on the cards they receive, or they may fold and forfeit the hand. In any case, a documented code of rules should be the final arbiter of any game.

Bonuses offered by online poker sites

The first deposit bonus is the prototypical welcome bonus for new customers. Designed to entice new customers, these bonuses are typically quite large – sometimes even hundreds of dollars. They are typically given in the form of a percentage match, or a dollar-for-dollar match of a new customer’s first deposit. If you meet the requirements for a welcome bonus, you will receive an extra amount of money to play with.

Future of legalized online poker in the US

As the first US state to legalize online poker in 2013, Delaware has three online poker platforms. In 2014, the state signed a multi-state Internet gaming compact with Nevada, and in 2018 New Jersey joined that compact. However, there is a cloud over the future of the Delaware poker compact due to the opinion of the US Justice Department regarding interstate gambling in 2019. The final resolution will likely depend on federal court cases.